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Ranks and Achievements

This page recognises the achievements of our newest Black Belts and Dan rank promotions. It is updated as our new wave of Black Belts come up through the ranks, or current Black Belt students and instructors reach the milestone of their next Dan grade.

Congratulations to you all!
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Clayton Chauvin

Passed 1st Dan Warrior

Jamie Mallaby

Passed 2nd Dan Dai Sempai

Daniel Rowland

Passed 3rd Dan Dai Sempai

Chantelle Mckinlay

Passed 1st Dan Ninja Warrior

David Haecker

Passed 4th Dan Renshi

Daniel Craighead

Passed 1st Dan Ninja Warrior

Dannyl Maslen

Passed 4th Dan Okami

Andrew Monk

Passed 1st Dan Sensei

Steele Edwards

Passed 3rd Dan Dai Sempai

Victor Solowij

Passed 1st Dan Ninja Kohei

Western Australia

Temperance Potter

Passed 1st Dan Ninja Kohei

Kim McLeish

Passed 1st Dan Ninja Kunoichi 2nd Class

Joshua Guest

Passed 1st Dan Ninja Warrior 2nd Class

Guy Kawasaki

Passed Kohei Shodan Yudansha

James Egan

Passed Warrior Shodan Yudansha

Mark Nicholson

Passed Warrior Shodan
2nd Class

Ashley Palmer

Passed Warrior Shodan
3rd Class

Bremton Jenkins

Passed Dai Sempai Sandan 2nd Class

Duncan Sharpe-Taylor

Passed Dai Sempai Sandan
3rd Class

Vaughn Roberts

Passed Dai Sensei Godan
2nd Class

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